Differences between Transponder and Remote Control Keys

The traditional flat metal key that is used to open nearly every type of lock made is losing its popularity and usefulness, as newer types of locking systems come online. This is especially true in the case of the automotive industry, as new vehicles are now coming equipped with transponder keys, as well as remote control keys.

Many people confuse the differences between transponder and remote control keys, and think that they are basically the same, they are not. What is the Difference between a Transponder and a Remote Control Key? While most cars today come with remote keys, instead of “just” a traditional flat car key, the latest auto mobile models are equipped with key-less transponder locks, thus eliminating the need for physical car keys altogether.

The most basic difference between the two is that a transponder unlocks a vehicle without using a physical locking mechanism or key, and the engine will not start without it. A remote key can also unlock the vehicle’s doors, but if the remote control unit does not function, the traditional flat key can be used.

Some types of remote control keys have the remote unit mounted on the head of the key and is basically a separate piece, and others have the remote unit built into/onto the key. If the remote is not functioning, either the battery is dead or the unit is broken, then the remote controlled locking system can be bypassed using the traditional key to unlock the vehicle without causing the alarm to go off.

The main difference is that a remote transponder key has a control chip inside of the unit that is a vital part of a vehicle’s security system, which provides an extra level of anti-theft. Without it, the engine cannot start and the alarm system cannot be disarmed, only an experienced auto locksmith i.e Autoprogress Services trained in transponder technology can help

High-end cars that are favorite targets for thieves benefit the most from such transponder systems, as it drastically reduces the chance of their vehicle being stolen.However, there are times that a transponder needs to be maintained, repaired or reprogrammed, and only an authorised auto locksmith such as Autoprogress Services Kiambu rd can do that because specialised equipment is needed to correctly disarm the security system, and required to reprogram the unique electronic key that will start the vehicle.

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