How many times have you checked your pockets, bag, tabletop and every possible place that you might have placed your car key? This experience can be panic filled and stressful as you try thinking about retracing your steps. If this has been you before, you should consider having an extra set of spare car keys to prevent future worry.

When you purchase a car, the dealership often provides you with two keys for your automobile. You will utilize one of those keys exclusively, while the other one will serve as your backup. However, if you have purchased a used automobile, you frequently only get one key. You will soon need to have duplicate automobile keys made, whether it’s because the previous owner misplaced the key or the key broke.

These are the reasons why you should have a spare car key;


Having a spare car key always comes in handy because if you have accidentally locked yourself out of your car and you are away from home, you can call a family or friend to bring you the spare key. How will you enter or start your car if you just have one key and lose it? You’ll probably need to make calls to a tow company and an emergency locksmith. You will then need to take it to the shop to get the ignition and locks changed and if there any damage done to your car when the shop opened it up to perform the required work, would incur an extra expense and those repair costs might need to be covered by you.


If you live with family or your partner or roommate, it is possible that another person except from you will drive the car. It would be difficult and even frustrating if you all have to use one key as you try to rotate the key to the next person who will drive it. Having a spare key will mean that the vehicle can be used by anyone who needs to use it at any other time other than you.


Whether you wish to save your original and wear out the copy, or alternate keys each month to preserve them, having an extra key can help you avoid damaging your primary key and avoid problems in the future. Metal keys are extremely durable and they will probably outlive the car itself, despite the fact that they can still become worn down after years of operation. Smart keys frequently need maintenance and upkeep, such as routine battery replacement or opening and cleaning the internal chip boards.


There are various ways a spare car key might provide a sense of calmness. Suppose you are late leaving for work and your keys are not at the usual place where you leave them. Instead of wasting more time running around trying to find them, using the spare key can help you solve your problem and give you peace of mind as you carry on with your day’s activities and then look for the key later. Even if you have lost the original key, this will not be the worst case scenario because you have a spare set. You may avoid the stress of being late for anything important by keeping a spare key.


For many reasons, your keys might get locked inside your vehicle. This is especially common in vehicles with automatic locking systems. If you don’t have access to a reliable Emergency Lockout service, locking your keys inside this kind of car can entail shattering the window. You may avoid problems like this by having a spare key.


Having a spare car key can come in handy if you ever need to lend your car to someone in a pinch. Having a spare key can help you react swiftly and successfully in a variety of situations, including when a friend or family member needs to be transported urgently to the hospital.

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